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Why is Patta a must for properties in Chennai

One of my friends recently called me with a peculiar but a very common issue in suburbs of Chennai.

The problem was simple. His neighbour claims a few square feets of his property as theirs.

Things like this usually happen for multiple reasons. Not all plots in chennai are exactly plotted for city occupation.

Dating back to the 70's and 80's. Most of the residentials plots today were encouraged by the locals who claimed it's theirs and government provided them with a minimal documentation details.

Years later these people started selling small portions of their lands to people who were moving into the cities. So these properties/plots never had a survey number. But just had the measurements of the plot size and ownership authority.

This is where the problem arises. Without these proper markings. Anyone who gets the patta first as an advantage over the ones who don't have.

Though a government surveyor can provide you with details of the area specification you still wouldn't be able to prove that it's your plot. Your problematic neighbour can still claim that you have diverted a little of your boundary.

So it's always best to have a patta in Chennai.

Understanding "A - Register"

An "A register" contains the property details such as it's tax assessment, classification, owner's name, etc. It is basically a chart of the land held, at the VAO's office (Village Administrative Officer). It

When we buy land, we would need to confirm if the details in our sales deed are really authentic. Apart from checking the FMB sketch, parent docs, etc. it's important for us to verify the ownership and land details in the A register extract.

A register extract can be got at the VAO's office when you hand over the survey number for the land

Here's how you can apply patta.

1. Reach out to your property registration office or Village Administration officer (VO) office.

2. Provide the officer with a request letter, photocopy of the property's mother document, an EC (Encumbrance Certificate) or survey number if you have one.

3. Within a few a days a government authority will verify your claim.

4. With a successful verification, you should have your patta by 2 months max.

Hope this helps, if you have any doubts. Please reach out to us by our contact us page.

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