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How to obtain an encumbrance certificate in Tambaram, Chennai

Encumbrance Certificate

Encumbrance is a liability produced for a property. The Encumbrance certificate (EC) is requested for a specific time period for which you can obtain all transactions that had happened to the property during the period. The EC can be obtained from the sub register office, to which the property is registered.

Here's how you can obtain an encumbrance certificate in Tambaram

For Online EC7

  • Visit

  • Fill the digital application and pay the fee

  • EC will be created in your portal account within 7 working days once application is complete. You can login and download it from your profile.

For handwritten certificate,

Reach out to Tambaram Sub Register's office.

Location -

Follow the procedure below,

  • Apply for EC by completing the Form 22 application, attested copies of your address proof, property details, its title and pay the fee applicable. Fee is charged against the time period for which you are requesting the certificate for.

  • Once the inspection of the property's records are done for the specified period, an EC is issued. This usually takes 15 - 30 days from the application date

  • There are two forms issued for an EC. The chain of all transactions if any will be issued in Form 15. In case there have been no transactions, Form 16 which is also known as a 'Nil Encumbrance Certificate' will be provided.

Thought he EC contains all details about the chain of transactions for the property, there are chances that it doesn't contains rightful owner information. So it is important to obtain possession certificate along with EC.

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