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What are the Norms provided by CMDA for the execution of planning permission

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Getting permission for constructing a building isn't that tough as it used to be. In fact it's a lot more easier now, thanks to the more streamlined procedures provided by the CMDA (Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority).

Importance of Planning permission

Any building that's planned for construction has to have undertaken a Planning Permission from the CMDA, this is made a must by the Town and Country planning act and the Permission is valid three years from the date of issue.

Steps in getting a Planning permission

There are 3 types of forms with 2 categories of applications. Form 'A' is used for laying out of lands for building purpose while Form 'B' & 'C' is used for undertaking from the owner/applicant. These applications can be obtained from the office of CMDA, Municipalities, Town Panchayats and Panchayat Union Offices.

Documents needed for the application

Form 'A' or 'B' or 'C' signed by the previous owner along with Licensed Surveyor, the Architect, Power of attorney holder or the person who holds the lease along with the documents, plans and other details from the checklist provided.

Filling the application

The Planning permission application can be filled with local body - Municipality / Town Panchayat / Panchayat Union depending on the locations of the property.

Only in case of building with ground + 3 floors development building, the applications are sent from the local body to the CMDA.

Basis of which planning permission is issued

Applications will be inspected closely for the conformity to use the land and the site designated under the master plan with compliance of the development regulations.

Inspection will be carried on by the Building Plan / Town Planning Officer from CMDA.

On satisfaction, the development regulation body will issue planning permission.

If the permission is denied, you can still appeal to the government

Case of Non Planning Permission

In case of development without the planning permission the property can be kept under lock/sealed or demolished.

If there is a deviation between the plan and the constructed building, updated permission has to be applied and obtained.

Processing fee

If the application is marked good to go by the CMDA, the payment for development charge will be applied based on the locality of the property, floor plan and proposed usage.

If you would required any doubts about the land or the development regulations you can consult a consultant here - Consultancy Counter in the first floor of CMDA’s Office complex at Thalamuthu-Natarajan Maligai, No.1, Gandhi-Irwin Road, Egmore, Chennai-600 008.

Following details can be obtained from the counseling place,

  1. Land information - Both oral and written statement.

  2. Plan copies

  3. Development Regulations copies (Master Plan), Application forms, check lists.

  4. Clarifications on of Development Regulations.

  5. Admission of planning permission application for Special Buildings / Group developments and Multi-storeyed / IT buildings, also ordinary buildings with stilt parking floor.

  6. Sale of other forms and publications of CMDA.

  7. Advise on the preparation of plan in accordance with the Development Regulation.

If you have any doubts, feel free to reach out to us -

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