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Vishwak Garden: Villas and Plots in Tambaram

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Dear Tenants,

I’m Siva and I request a few minutes of your time :)

If you are someone who got comfortable with Tambaram but not with your rented house.

Here are things that might interest you.

* No more ranting house owners who behave like blockheads

* No more worries about someone stealing your parking space

* No more rules against pets

* No more vaastu colors

* No more compact spaces, you get your own garden

* No more hefty taxes, reduce it smartly with section 80EE

Yes, you read it right.

Introducing Vishwak Garden by Legend Foundations, an acre of attractive villa plots tucked in West Tambaram. Just a 5-minute drive from MCC, one of the area’s graceful and most historic college, and only a mile away from Tambaram railway station. (Not like those Chennai ku miga arugil Ads, we are honestly only 1.5 Kms away from the station)

The plots are available in three different sizes ranging from 869 sq. feet to 1151 sq. feet. Ready to be built and customized according to our your needs.

If the financial concern is what's stopping you from making the move?

Talk to us and we will genuinely provide the best deals plus help you get the smoothest of loan processing.

Wanna connect?

Call us @ 91-72-0505-0101

Mail us @

Visit us @

Like us @


To know more about the project. Visit:

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