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How to make a rental agreement in Chennai

Moving into a house or planning on renting your house? Then rental agreement play a key role for a smooth deal.

Here's how you can make your rental agreement,

1. Prepare the agreement

Discuss the clause between the tenant and the owner,

the following are the clauses that should never be omitted

  • Rent, security deposit and maintenance cost (Clear mention of values)

  • Pet permission

  • Late payments penalty

  • Cleaning, damage and painting charges

  • Minimum duration of which the deed cannot be terminated

  • Overstay clauses

Once the clause are in place, get a stamp paper of recommended value and print it out.

2. Requirements for stamp duty

Tamil nadu government stats that the stamps must be bought for the 1% value of the deposit amount mentioned. In general rental agreements are agreed upon for 11 months and INR 20 stamp papers are used.

If the required stamp duty is not paid and a dispute occurs, parties have to pay upto 10 times the actual stamp duty.

E-stamp papers are also valid from 2010.

3. Document registration

This makes sure the document is in the public domain and prevents forgeries or frauds from happening. Also proves that both parties on what they agreed and makes the process transparent.

The registration fees goes upto to INR 10,000 in Tamil Nadu.

Documents to be produced by Landlord during registration:

  • Proof of ownership (Original)

  • Passport size photos / Aadhar card + Government ID proofs

  • Rental agreement printed on stamp paper

Documents to be produced by Tenant during registration:

  • Two Passport size photos / Aadhar card + Government ID proofs

  • In case of NRI, passport is required

  • Authorization letter from the tenants' company

These would be it :). Let us know if you need any help @

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