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How is Joint venture beneficial for Landowners in Tambaram?

If you have a plot in Tambaram and wish to monetize from selling it, the joint venture has a great set of benefits which you should know about.

Let's say your plot is 3000 sq.ft and valued at 80 Lacs. If you try selling it, the plot may yield you the same value.

But with a joint venture having a profit sharing at 50:50%, this is how the math would look like:

  • 6 Flats can be constructed on the property within 6 - 8 months

  • The cost of approval, construction, marketing and sales would be ~ 1.2 Crore (Which would be taken care of by us)

  • If all the Flats are sold in current market value within 9 months of construction to total value earned would be around ~3 crores

  • Total profit = ~3 crores - 1.2 crores which is ~1.8 Crores

  • Now the Landowner can get a return of investment of ~90 Lacs instead of only 80 Lacs within 9 months

I hope you can see the value of Joint venture. There are also other options for profit sharing, which can be customized based on the owners need.

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