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Documents to check before buying a Land/Plot

Buying a land or a plot is an important part in most of our lives. It's not just a property but a life long investment which we are making. That's why I have collated a list of documents which will have to be verified by you personally or a consultant before making your big move.

Please check for the following documents

1. Sales Deed / Mother Deed after the property has been transferred to the buyer's name. Note: that the document as to be written by a Government licensed writer.

2. Encumbrance Certificate which says that the land is not under any sort of legal dispute and also provides you the complete history of the land owners

3. Building sanctioned by the government body

4. Surveyed measurements of the land

5. Power of Attorney (Incase the seller is living abroad)

6. Loan against property

7. Tax receipts for the property

8. Sale agreement with the seller

9 . CMDA or DTCP Approval

10. House plan approval

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