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What are CMDA and DTCP approval

One of the significant differentiator while buying a plot or an apartment in Chennai is the DTCP or CMDA approval if you aren't sure about what they mean or why is it so improvement, we got you covered.

With more and more people moving towards the suburbs of Chennai. There are regulations to be followed for buyers safety, that's why the regulation bodies have brought in,

DTCP - Directorate of Town and Country Planning

CMDA - Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority

And they both act differently when it comes to actual use cases.

Why we need DTCP?

As you may know, most of the suburbs layout approved today is a part of the Panchayat approved layout which is provided by the Department of Town and Country Planning (A.K.A DTCP) which makes them accountable for any development or infrastructure activities that may be carried out except for the municipal areas in Chennai.

Why we need CMDA?

CMDA is for city planning (Basically Chennai), it's suburbs and few of the districts that will come under its jurisdiction. Chennai Metropolitan Area (A.K.A CMA) covers for entire Chennai corporation, that includes 10 Panchayat unions with 214 villages, 16 municipalities, and 20 town panchayats. In Tamil Nadu there are 3 districts which come under CMA - Chennai district, Thiruvallur and Kanchipuram districts. The total areas span near to 1189 sq.kms, of which 176 sq.kms comes under Chennai district.

So a DTCP or CMDA approval provides the right to build your house on your property. Also calling out it's not planned for any other government activities.

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