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Buying a property in Velachery/Pallikaranai?

Buying a property in Velachery/Pallikaranai?

If you are considering or planning to buy a property in Velachery or Pallikaranai, here's what you should need to know before you purchase.

Yes, they are great options considering their growth and very easy access to IT tech parks in the city. But it also comes with a cost.


Most of the properties in these areas are subjected to be a Marshland which hold the key to ecosystem and also hazardous to the building constructed on them.

1. Approval

Starting late 2017, the high court has ordered strict actions against approvals of Marshland, since forest department has taken iron fist against preventing the nurture beauty

2. Construction

Even if the plots are approved, construction on Marshland needs special attention as you plan on increasing the number of floors for your building. The soil of these wet lands is not a great combiner when it comes for construction, make sure are engineers are ready and equipped for the construction.

3. Flood

Yes, low lying areas always comes with a cost. 2015 Chennai floods was the great example of it. Though with improved drainage system in plan it might not be that worse, but water stagnation and damaged roads will need a regular fix for improved commute.

So please do a lot of research before investing on properties near Marshland.

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