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Is Investing In Tambaram A Good Idea?

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Well I would say it depends on what you expect from the location. If you are looking for a buzzing, active and a happening place well then it wouldn't meet your expectations but if you wish to have a place that's quite and things work in it's own pace, then Tambaram would

be a great fit for you.

Is investing in Tambaram a good idea?
This is Tambaram folks

What it has?

Well everything you expect to have in a lively place–School, colleges, hospitals etc. But the major advantage would be the water supply, Tambaram is blessed with it. Also the pure air around the place (Cus nothing pure is left in Chennai :P).

Let's face it, who wouldn't wish to have a quiet place that has a great livelihood?


Tambaram isn't completely commercialised that's a why lot of people find it to be a safe bet for housing. So housing is set to grow in Tambaram and surrounding places. You can check the city planning to get a much better insights about Tambaram.

Here are the 5 hidden cost you should avoid while investing:

1. Additional Registration cost 2. Extra GST 3. Parking 4. Preference-based charges 5. Maintenance deposit

Let me phase out the hierarchy of investment you can make

1. Plot - Great investment

2. Villa - Good investment

3. Flats - It's okay

That's all for now folks, will get back to you with an another post soon.

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